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This year, the Vino Voce Festival innovates !

For the first time, two shows, two great artists, André Manoukian and Pascal Amoyel will bring together on stage, music and theater, the art of the piano and the voice of the actor.  

The voice of the actor, but also that of the singer, will also be present during a reading with François Morel and Valentin Morel !  

As every year, we will of course present the Masterclass of Slavic lyric singing of Irene Kudela.

The lyrical art will also be present during a concert with one of the greatest contemporary clarinettists, Philippe Cuper, Irène Kudela, conductor but also a great pianist and the young and talented singer Marie-Andrée Bouchard-Lesieur.


We will also travel to the shores of the Mediterranean to meet the Portuguese Fado and the Greek Rebetiko with the voluptuous singer Kalliroi and her group. 

You will discover all the secrets of the voice during a meeting with the great laryngologist and phoniatrist Jean Abitbol, and you will be introduced to the techniques of the singing voice with the singer and teacher Elizabeth Pétillot. 


We look forward to seeing you from September 10 to 12 for an edition richer than ever, a program, as always, off the beaten track, full of discoveries. In the magical setting of Saint-Emilion! 

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to the fabulous concert of the Voice Messengers 
Thursday, june 24 at the Abbaye de La Sauve Majeure 
Our first concert off site.
A huge success !
Thanks to the public !
Thanks to the extraordinary  artists, The Voice Messengers ! 

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. ©Laurent Robert 

Milena Kartovski au Festival Vino Voce