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The festival Vino Voce was created by Nadine Vasseur, who is also the artistic director. 


"I have always been passionate about the voice and I wanted to share this passion with the public: that's how Vino Voce was born in 2014.

Animator and producer of a magazine on France Culture for many years, I discovered the magic of the spoken voice through the profession of radio.

But I also love singing, whatever the style. Lyrical singing, variety songs, jazz and world voices, baroque vocal music... Each culture, each era, has its own way of singing and each of them is overwhelming.     


The purpose of Vino Voce is to reveal to the public this infinite magic of the voice.


The voice sublimated by singing and by music but also the spoken voice, just as moving and mysterious.


The voice in its artistic dimension but also the voice that we all share, a major part of our humanity and our identity, the voice, the support of speech and of our exchanges with others.   


The Vino Voce festival claims to be deliberately eclectic, surprising.


It brings out singular voices, unexpected lyrics, mixes voices and styles, with the only requirement being quality.


Vocal music concerts, voice of the actor, voice of the dubbing actor, radio voices, political voices... Vino Voce celebrates the thousand and one facets of the voice. Its mystery, its inexhaustible power of emotion.

On the program, shows, meetings, workshops, screenings...


Why this funny name, Vino Voce?


Musicians will immediately spot a nod to the musical expressions Sotto Voce or Mezzo Voce.


This name is also of course a tribute to the territory of Saint-Emilion which has welcomed us, since our beginnings, for our greatest joy; a tribute to its wines, its landscapes, its architectural heritage where the voices resound marvelously.


More than one link unites voice and wine. 


Both imply exchange and conviviality. They are also both bearers of emotion, sensuality, sensations....   

Don't we talk about the tessitura of a wine as we say in a voice? One like the other can be ample, deep, heady, powerful, smooth.

And isn't there a form of inebriation in singing?" 

Photo Julien Pichoff  © 2015 by VINO VOCE. 

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