Created in 2014 by Nadine Vasseur, a voice professional, for a long time animator and producer of a magazine on France Culture and by François des Ligneris, winegrower in Saint-Emilion and lover of art and music, Vino Voce aims to share with the public their common passion for the voice. 

 The voice sublimated by the singing but also the spoken voice, just as magical and mysterious. The voice in its artistic dimension but also the voice that we all share, a major feature of our humanity and our identity, an essential vehicle for our exchanges with others.   

Concerts of vocal music, voice of the actor, voice of the dubbing actor, voice of radio, voice modified by technological innovations, Vino Voce celebrates the thousand and one facets of the voice. His mystery, his inexhaustible power of emotion.
On the agenda: shows, meetings, workshops, screenings, etc.

A nod to the musical expressions Sotto Voce or Mezzo Voce, the title of our festival, Vino Voce, is also a tribute to the wine-growing territory of Saint-Emilion, to its magnificent architectural heritage which offers an exceptional setting for the voice and multiplies its beauty. 

This encounter between wine and voice is also meaningful because more than one link brings them together. 

Both wine and voice are synonymous with exchange and conviviality. They are also, one and the other, emotion, sensuality, sensation.   
The vocabulary itself brings them together. Are we not talking about the tessitura of a wine as it is said in a voice? Both can be large, deep, heady, powerful, powerful, sweet.

And isn't there some kind of drunkenness in singing? 

Photo Julien Pichoff  © 2015 by VINO VOCE. 

Festival Vino Voce - Saint-Emilion